The Truth about Juice Cleanses – An Insider Story


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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Spring in the US of A. That means Summer weather is 1-8 weeks away, depending on where you’re placed in the country. Summer weather means less clothing, more skin, and—bathing suits! I will be honest; I am completely ill-prepared for these certainties. The holiday weight stayed a little longer than intended, and the yoga studio became so much further from my house when snow was in between the two.

Now that the snow is long gone (hopefully), and the abundance of fresh produce is locally available;I have no more excuses, I told myself. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen an increase in articles about getting “Summer slimmer” or bikini-ready, and a lot of these said articles include a trending sub-section of articles about the celebrity-endorsed raw juice cleanse diets.

I was intrigued. I’d tried raw cleanses in the past to kick-start a new diet and exercise program, or for a general “Spring Cleaning” benefit; however, I had never tried what I saw to be nearly incomprehensible: The Raw Juice Cleanse. It was time. I decided that I needed a little jumpstart into my new weight loss and health gain program for the warmer weather, and a raw juice cleanse was something new. I wanted change. I needed new.

On Monday morning, I picked up my 18 6-oz. bottles of raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed juices from a naturopathic doctor nearby. I chose the 3-day weight loss option. The bottles were plain bottles and simply numbered 1-6 for each day. Carrying the box of juice (with ice) from my car and up four flights of stairs seemed to be the biggest issue of the day, and the juice seemed much easier.

Day 1 – These raw juices were certainly not for the faint of heart. They were grainy, unsweetened and full of herbs, roots and greens. I’ve tasted worse, so it wasn’t a huge problem for me. My least favorite juice was a grapefruit-lemon-chlorella juice at mid-morning. It was pucker-up sour, and it took almost an hour to drink. Also, the sixth juice of the day was tough to get down that night. I was surprisingly, very full. Imagine that.

Day 2 – Tuesday was easier. I knew what I was getting into when I woke up that morning, and I had a long day of social media, advertising, buying and selling ahead of me. The citrus juice at 11:30AM didn’t bother me at all – Instead, it was a welcomed treat. Four of the six juices were green juices, blended with different herbs and probiotics for decidedly different purposes. Citrus was different, and I really liked it. Also, the evening “snack” was a carrot and coconut water juice that made my mouth water. One word: Delicious.

Day 3 – OK, folks. I’m over this whole cleansing thing. I feel trimmer, and I made it two days. Can’t I be finished? I haven’t cheated once, and I’d just like to eat a salad. Nothing too crazy. Please? Nope. My better, healthier side kept me on the straight and narrow. I finished the full cleanse with flying colors, and I couldn’t have felt better.

Now the truth. Raw juice cleanses are not the “answer” to losing weight. They’re also not a long-term diet plan. For a three-day cleanse, juicing serves its purpose. I feel leaner, meaner and motivated to go back to the yoga studio and be more mindful of my eating habits. I’ve also noticed I’m not craving as many sweets or no-no diet foods. As I’m typing this, I’m drinking a fruit and veggie raw juice. It just makes me feel better, full and not bursting at the very, well-tailored seams. I haven’t dropped three dress sizes in three days, but I see a noticeable difference in both my body, energy and clothing. That makes me feel really good, and really motivated.

I would recommend a raw juice cleanse to anyone looking to achieve a measurable goal, including “Spring cleaning” or recharging the motivation battery. And for those die-hards or health nuts out there, shoot for a longer cleanse. I could’ve probably gone another day or two and been completely fine, but I ran out of juice!

Note: Regardless of your goals, do your research and talk to your doctor before drastically changing your diet or exercise regimen. Exercise should be lighter during the cleanse, as most raw juice cleanses only give a daily caloric intake of only 500-700 calories.

What have you done to prepare for warmer weather this year?



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